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Modtech Services is diversifying its Sale & Support services to Container Terminal Operators, Ports, Steel Mills, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Heavy & Processing Industry for its principals Pintsch Bubenzer GmbH/Dellner Bubenzer GmbH, Huebner Giessen., Prysmian Cables, Brieda Cabins, Rima & VEM motors for sale and support for wide range of products. So far it has provided services to various national, multinational and private organizations of this region. It has proven its competence since its incept.

Modtech Services finds the talent to meet your immediate engineering sourcing needs. We act as a virtual extension of your engineering team to source, screen and manage qualified engineering professionals for long- and short-term projects or programs.

Modtech Services experts work at your facility to supplement your existing workforce. Our team of experienced industry professionals recruit, screen and manage these employees throughout the duration of their contract with your organization. You benefit from the availability of qualified engineering talent that will have an immediate impact on your organization allowing you the flexibility to respond to fluctuating market conditions

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